The Dizazta Empire

The Dizazta Empire was born in Inglewood, Ca. but later grew legs and moved to the internet to gain a worldwide following. Steven Busch the CEO of the Empire started building the Empire in 1999 with a record label with a few new ideas that no industry was ready for. Steven had the bright idea to grow with the community and instead of waiting to give back, I could give back as we go forward. So we decided to give a percentage of the proceeds of everything sold from The Dizazta Empire will go to disaster nationwide. From earthquakes, to floods, fires, homelessness, teen pregnancy, untimely deaths, paying for funerals, and much more. When you include the community on your quest you gain positive momentum which allows you to feel the satisfaction of knowing that you have a clean conscience about being honest in your work and helping out where you can. Our company looks for ways to help out and to find many ways to be of service. Once COVID-19 paralyzed the community, physically and economically we jumped into action and want to lend a helping hand. As the numbers started to increase and the names slowly became just numbers. I wanted to reach out to those effected by this pandemic and give their family the memorial they deserve under the conditions. So since we have a television network, we decided to dedicate a channel just for those who lost the lives to COVID-19 or to anyone wanted to remember the loved ones since funeral services had changed so much. So a family could gather their loved ones memories and share them with DIZAZTA VISION and our team would edit, produce, and present their family member on television with a memorial video on demand for the whole world and family that could not make it to the service to view anytime. We have multiple targeted markets since we caters to all generations, from grandmother to granddaughter. For one of our channels we have blended black and white footage of Duke Ellington and similar artists, with the colorful designs of a Dizazta Commercial and clothing merchandise, to be able to introduce this culture into the family of the rich and positive history that is needed at this timein our lives.